Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rachel's Tip of the Day

When you're at a buffet like Whole Foods or a salad bar at a restaurant, fill your plate with 75% green, leafy vegetables. Then top the rest with a lean protein like tofu, lean grilled chicken breast or nuts and seeds. This will keep you full longest and help you from piling your plate with fatty comfort foods like mashed potatoes and french fries. But if you want a bite or two of something indulgent: go for it; just take a scoop. 

Hint: Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a squirt of lemon for dressing. It'll save you tons of calories and fat, plus you'll get an extra healthy bonus.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Guilt-Free Tuna Melt

Here's a recipe I made up that was posted a couple months ago in my "Healthy Chicks" blog. But, I just love it that much that I simply had to post it again here...enjoy! This tuna melt is no sinful indulgence. Rather, it's guilt-free and yummy. What more could you ask for?

-1 small can tuna
-1 TB olive oil
-Oregano(or herb of choice) to taste
-Dill to taste
-dash of salt and pepper
-1/2 apple (chopped)
-5-10 raisins
-1 piece Ezekiel bread (or whole wheat if you like) *I like Ezekiel because it's gluten free/wheat free and organic
-1 piece soy cheese (cheddar/jack/mozzarella, etc)
-few pieces arugula or spinach to top

1. Toast the bread with slice of cheese
2. In the meanwhile, mix together the other ingredients well
3. Spread the tuna on the bread and top with arugula
4. Eat the extras as a delicious side!

Mmmm : )

Monday, June 15, 2009

Superfood of the Week: Almonds

Why They are Good for You:
  • Helps lower chance of developing Osteoporosis
  • Helps with bone growth 
  • Contains calcium (Hey, maybe we don't need THAT much milk after all...), protein, potassium, and iron 
  • Perfect fill me-up snack to tide you over for a few hours 

What They Taste Great In:
  • Sprinkle slivered almonds on your favorite yogurt for an extra crunch!
  • Add a few to your oatmeal or cereal in the morning for the perfect protein-enhanced breakfast.
  • Make your own trail mix with almonds, dried fruit and dark chocolate chips or try my "Delightful Trail Mix" recipe.
  • Add sliced almonds to rice, quinoa or other hot pasta dishes.